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Free Cloud-Based Aerodynamic Tools

MachUp 4

Nondimensional. Super Fast.

MachUp 5

Dimensional. With propellers.



Our tools are open source.
Visit our github repository here.

Fly something awesome.

Aggie Air

See how drones are used at USU.

Flight School

Get a pilot’s license.

Be a player in the drone industry.

Learn how to design mission-specific drones.

Learn the Aviation Alphabet

Did you know pilots use a special alphabet when they talk on the radio? Come learn their alphabet so you can talk like a pilot! This fun and educational book introduces the phonetic aviation alphabet with incredible photos to help you remember each word. You will not only learn the word for each letter, but you’ll also get greater insight into aeronautics. Historical facts and current trends in aeronautics are highlighted throughout the book with incredible photos from the ground and the air.

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