Aerodynamic Analysis for Fixed-Wing Aircraft and Propellers

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Simulations Completed

Fast and Accurate

Full simulations can be set up and run in minutes on your laptop, tablet, or phone. MachUp calculates interactions of lifting surfaces and propellers as well as viscous effects and is orders of magnitude faster than conventional CFD methods. Click here to see how MachUp results compare to full CFD simulations.

Intuitive and Powerful

MachUp was designed specifically for small-aircraft development, and has a very small learning curve. It is the ideal tool for early-stage airframe design, later-stage detail design, aerodynamic research, or classroom instruction. MachUp Pro is a downloadable tool designed for easy integration, unlimited versatility, and streamlined optimization. Interfacing with the object-oriented I/O is very easy and allows for quick integration with Matlab, Python, or Java. Watch a demo.

MachUp 4

Original non-dimensional lifting surface analysis.

Design your drone and find coefficients, stability, trim, stall, etc. of lifting surfaces only.


MachUp 5

Dimensional analysis of lifting surfaces and propellers.

Design your drone, add propellers and motors, specify operating conditions, and get dimensional results.

MachUp Pro

Advanced non-dimensional lifting surface analysis.

Download MachUp and integrate with
Matlab/Python for detailed optimization. Watch a video >>


Check out our MachUp Design Gallery.

Got Questions?

Check out our MachUp Forum here:!forum/machup_forum


Features MU4 MU5 Pro
Rapid Geometry Creation
Unlimited Lifting Surfaces
Control Surface Geometry
 STL Model Export
 Linear Aerodynamics
 Global Forces and Moments
 Force and Moment Distributions
 Stability Derivatives
 Control Derivatives
 Damping Derivatives
 Pitch Trim
 Aerodynamic Center Finder
Stall Prediction
Command Line
Matlab and Python Integration
Nonlinear Aerodynamics
Nonlinear Geometries
 Optimization Ready
 Propeller Aerodynamics
 Electric Motors
 Dimensional Analysis

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