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MachUp is based on a modern numerical lifting-line algorithm developed by Dr. Warren Phillips (author of the textbook Mechanics of Flight) and Dr. Deryl Snyder (now Director Aerospace and Defense Sector at CD-Adapco). This analysis approach is similar to that taken analytically by Ludwig Prandtl, but uses modern computing strategies to equate the section theory of lift to the 3D vortex theory of lift. This results in an algorithm which is extremely fast and versatile for predicting the aerodynamics of various wing geometries as well as interactions between multiple wings. MachUp also includes viscous effects.

The computational core of MachUp is written in Fortran, which makes it fast and efficient. A user-friendly browser-based GUI gives access to basic functions, and a powerful object-oriented command-line interface can be used for more advanced functions and optimization.

MachUp has been validated against the code developed by Dr. Warren Phillips, upon which most of his research is based. Additionally, this method has been found to match the accuracy of CFD for wings with aspect ratios greater than about 4. The following publications give an overview of the method as well as comparisons to full CFD solutions:

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